Quilling Patterns

A Little Quilling History:

Quilling, the art of rolling & shaping narrow strips of paper and arranging them to form designs, is thought to date back to the 15th Century.
The technique was first used to embellish religious plaques & relics. At that time, paper was rolled on bird quills; thus the name ‘quilling’.

What I love about quilling is how its simplicity, in terms of learning and materials, converts to intricate-looking, beautiful designs. For example, simple quilled flowers look like they take hours to make, but really only take minutes-and don’t require much to create-only some strips of paper and a few quilling tools.

I first came across this artform 15 years ago, when my husband and I were searching for ideas to make our wedding invitations.  I found an example of a single quilled flower online, and instantly fell in love! Problem was, there wasn’t much more information I could find on the web.  Instead, I searched & searched until I found a quilling book filled with beautiful quilling designs along with useful information and endless creative possibilities – and hence began my quilling obsession!

If you haven’t tried quilling but have always wanted to, I hope I can inspire you to give it a chance.  It’s easy and can be a lot of fun - and with some practice and patience, you can create some gorgeous quilled creations that will certainly ‘WOW’!

Where I like to shop for quilling supplies:

Some Quilling Patterns:

Basic Quilling Shapes:

Quilling leaves tutorial via Art Platter:

Quilled flower tutorial via My Quilling Soul:

Reindeer quilling pattern via Pinterest:

Click here for a quilling site with some great tutorials.

More free quilling patterns found here.

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