Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fun In the Sun!

Here goes my first post!  What to post:  card or sandsculpture?  I decided on the latter-I just had to share some of the fun we had last weekend!  With the beginning of a new school year just around the corner, we decided to squeeze in one last beach day (Wasaga Beach, Ontario). Anyone who knows us knows that we don't go to the beach to relax, but rather to play - or I should say, work! - while building sand sculptures.  Being the artistic guy that he is, my husband, Jim Wagner, built this 'monsterous' sculpture (with the help of LOTS of family members) which is one of my favourites of his so far, considering it turned out to be fun and interactive: he built a chair in the monster's grips in order to take some silly, fun photos with it  :o)

Thanks for stopping by!  Next post: card!


  1. Tania- this is beyond cool! I would love to know more about the process... does he sketch it out on paper beforehand? Draw it out in the sand first? How long did it take? Great first post - I'm looking forward to seeing your cards, and maybe a little quilling??

  2. Thanks Karen! No, there is no sketching involved. We simply decide as a group on a theme, and then we spend the next 3 hours or so just shoveling. Once we're happy with the size of the sand pile, Jim starts sculpting away - for another 3 hours or so! It's a lot of fun, and beachgoers get a kick out of it too :)


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